Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine

When I thought this is supposed to be a Sacred Marriage, where the “Feminine & Masculine” living together in a balanced way in one’s deepest psyche, it comes out as one of the usual weapon some people just pick it up, attack & defense, again almost automatically.  Whereas surrender to one’s own vulnerability within self, could possibly be far more powerful then something one could expect to seek from outside.

“It seems Jeff and I are in a similar boat–A Call to the Sacred Masculine is now at 50K views in three weeks, 14K facebook shares, and like jeff, i’ve received more positive response (in FB messages/emails) from MEN And WOMEN then negative and critical.” This is what called the “Ego Defense”, from Masculine psyche. I’m getting too old to believe the myth of, more people listen to or following to meaning it is right, and less people listen to or following to meaning it is wrong. Whereas in Feminine psyche, there’s no right or wrong, better or worst, more or less, probably only to accept the way it is, with unconditional embrace and one may apply however appropriate. I wonder, if few people know we all have both, the “Masculine & Feminine” in our psyche…??? Whether it is balance or not, can probably tell who’s a balanced therapist. The following is a very nice piece with peace – to me, but attracted lots of projections, at the end. Then again, we couldn’t help but to project, afterall, we are all human beings!

Thank you Dawn Cartwright from her post. I feel I’m grounded like her: “I’m not sacred, I’m not divine & I’m not apologizing!” This is the way I am, no one have to accept it, except myself. I know the one I love whom love me, will understand, eventually. Instead of to apologize or seek for apology from outside, I would rather work deeply within myself, to look for the resources to embrace myself & others.
on Jun 22, 2012

I’m Not Sacred, I’m Not Divine, I’m Not Apologizing. ~ Dawn Cartwright.

What’s with all the divine feminine and sacred masculine calling out and apologizing recently?

It all started with, A Call to the Sacred Masculine: Ten Daring Invitations from the Divine Feminine. You know, I’ve never had much luck with telling men how to be men. I discovered, after years of experience and lots of mistakes, the way to bring out the best in a man is to love him. Just the way he is.

Several men jumped on the bandwagon. Some got angry, The Last Thing I Need is Another Set of Rule on How to Be a Man. Or offered, A Call to the Divine Feminine: Ten Bold Invitations from the Sacred Masculine. And, while I appreciate the fact that men may have something to say to me about how to be a woman, seems something gets lost in translation when blanket statements are made.

Then there’s this divine feminine, sacred masculine thing and all the apologizing, Dear Divine Feminine: I’m Sorry. Where I come from, an apology is tantamount to an insult. If something you’ve said or done doesn’t sit well with you, you make it right—without attracting attention to yourself in the process.

All of this feels a lot like arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. A useless diversion from the grim reality of our fate and the catastrophe already set in motion.

From what I understood, these conversations were started in hopes that we would rise in love, gain a greater understanding of one another, repair the damage caused by ancient longings unmet. Yet, while we recognize staying aboard the sinking ship of enmeshment and expectation is hopeless, seems it’s the only thing we know. And, for now, all the dares, invitations and apologies meant for I don’t know who, give us the grim illusion we are actually working things out.

Our only hope, as I see it, is to leap into the icy waters of the unknown. Release our grip on what has never worked before, strip ourselves bare, untangle ourselves from blame and bitterness, dive deep—inside—until we touch the indivisible. Until we touch the place where right and wrong do not exist and being a god or a goddess isn’t dependant on what we say or do. A place where terms like divine and sacred are no longer necessary—they are, in fact, intensely redundant—and we all sigh a great sigh of relief, now that measuring up is no longer the issue. We find we’re all human. We’re one and together, just like we always wanted to be, safe and warm.

No beggars. No saints.

You know, all this controversy struck a chord in me, really got me angry, even furious, and now I know why. For years I spent my time trying to coerce men into being women—barraging them with expectations meant to obliterate their masculinity because their love forced me to feel too much. Now, years later, tired of all my ploys to clip his balls, I feel how it feels to be loved by him.

And face the stark empty space of autonomy and empowerment that true love reveals.

Jeff Brown · 4 days ago
Where I come from, apologies are essential. I can’t imagine getting from the fucked up world as it is to the world of divine possibility without apologies as one of the many steps. What you write sounds good, but feels hollow.
Dawn Cartwright · 4 days ago
Jeff – thanks for chiming in, I’m honored. When I read your article (your apology) what I read – correct me if I’m wrong – is a whole lot of words mostly all about you. What you’ve been through, what you’re going through, what is meaningful to you. Not a whole lot about the “Divine Feminine”, as you call it. Is it a letter to women, or a love letter to yourself? I’m still wondering.
Cesare · 4 days ago
Ms. Cartwright, I entirely agree with you that “an apology is tantamount to an insult. If something you’ve said or done doesn’t sit well with you, you make it right—without attracting attention to yourself in the process.” Apologies are meaningless if one just does the same offense after apologizing. But I also agree with Mr. Brown that apologies are an essential part of the process. And I love the fact that you’re now at a place in your life where feeling love can empower you. But with all that being said, did you ever make amends to the men whom you admit spending years trying to coerce into being women? Or at least I hope your Institute is an attempt at that.
Dawn Cartwright · 3 days ago
Cesare, It’s good to hear from you. I honestly don’t feel apologies are relevant in any situation. To me – men, Jeff, and the “Sacred Masculine” are being themselves, then and now – to the best of their ability. I’m being me, to the best of my ability. I accept that. I’m in relationship with that, willingly and intimately. We’re in this together. There is no “us” and no “them” as far as I see it. I prefer to explore what IS arising instead of believing something should or shouldn’t happen, or should or shouldn’t have happened. This, from what I am discovering, strips away many layers of distance between myself and everyone, including men. It also strips away many layers between who I am naturally and who I learned to be through socialization, etc.. I’ll write more below, in my response to Jeff. As far as the men in my past, no, I have not apologized to them and I have no plans to. In my work, I explore what I am describing to you here – current, equal, intimate relationship with and between men and with women. Revolutionary things are happening.
Jeff Brown · 3 days ago
I hear you. When this piece came out, so many were touched by it. I trust that, and am not moved by your words. They are sharp and clever, but I feel they fail to see the sacredness of intention at the heart of that piece. There is so much that is sharp and clever now, but the heart of things gets lost.
awarenessishere 52p · 3 days ago
It seems Jeff and I are in a similar boat–A Call to the Sacred Masculine is now at 50K views in three weeks, 14K facebook shares, and like jeff, i’ve received more positive response (in FB messages/emails) from MEN And WOMEN then negative and critical.Like Dawn (and others who see the place beyond right and wrong doing) I can of course rest in the non-dual awareness while at the same time engaging the play of polarity in this leela, game of god.As long as I am in a body that is receptive and a man is embodied with the ability to penetrate, the polarity is real and evident. I have never wanted to make a man, a woman. This piece was a yearning muse-driven INVITATION to an ARCHETYPAL MALENESS….ANd in that, of course, it has created a stir…..emotions run high, both in fear and excitement, at the possibility of our potential for greatness.It’s okay to be self accepting, and to love what is. It is also equally okay to invite more or different than what is.
When we make anything wrong, at all, we are missing the truth. We are back to positional thinking, and lost in maya…again.  A Call to the SM is not me saying this is THE WAY, but a way. All ways are welcome.
Lori Ann
Dawn Cartwright · 3 days ago
Jeff, Thanks so much for staying in the conversation. I’d love to continue to go deeper with you and I’m grateful for the opportunity. This topic, apology, is a powerful one with unexpected ramifications.Apology implies something happened that shouldn’t have. Many people hold the belief that there are some things that “should” happen and some things that “shouldn’t” and so it makes sense to me that many would respond to your article. However, this sets up what I feel to be a very dangerous dynamic.”Right” and “wrong” are the first signs of separation – the opposite of intimacy. It’s very tempting and also socially encouraged to join the “right” camp. By doing this, we set up a dynamic where the “wrong” population is marginalized or even persecuted. Isn’t it interesting that this is exactly what many would consider to be the not-so-recent-fate of the Divine Feminine at the hands of the Sacred Masculine?Many women in the world were born and bred on Disney films. You gave them a Prince Charming, of course they respond, of course they want to feel they’ve been chosen and the glass slipper fits and you’ll never leave them again. That isn’t real, Jeff, at least it isn’t possible as long as “right” and “wrong” and “should” and “shouldn’t” still exist – for it creates, simultaneously, a world of step-sisters and Cinderellas (in male form as well as female) who never feel worthy of getting off their knees.This is the hidden danger in apology. Our conversation is teaching me a great deal, it is an honor to be here with you, Jeff. Thank you.
awarenessishere 52p · 2 days ago
Dawn–you do see the irony here, right. You saying that Jeff’s approach is wrong (to apologize which sets up a right and wrong dynamic) you are also setting up that very same dynamic.When we are still invested in a position, any position, we create the duality dynamic.What Jeff wrote is perfectly RIGHT for thousands of readers. What you write meets another few thousand readers who nod their heads in agreement.There comes a time where we can just stop the dance of my way/your way is right/wrong.Some people might think I am invested in what i wrote in A call to the SM–I was just playin around! It’s like cooking in the kitchen, with a muse instead of a cookbook….stuff gets mixed together in new and creative and even old ways. It’s also writing from a surrendered place as a word artist. I did not write A Call to the SM. I simply midwived it.
I too feel in Jeff’s Apology, that same surrendered state that yes, has created a piece of writing that has touched many women. Those women are the ones who needed to hear, “I’m sorry.”
A great healing happens there. Sorry is not a dirty word.
The Hawain ancient spritual practice of healing through apology, is called Ho’oponopono. Reconciliation of hurts happens only when someone is first accountable. At the level of transcendant awareness, none of it matters, even a murderer and victim are ultimately living out karma and made of light at a soul level.
But to by-pass the beauty of forgiveness at any level, is odd.
Lori Ann
Dawn Cartwright · 1 day ago
Good Morning Lori,I understand that for you, Jeff and tens of thousands of people, “Dear Divine Feminine, I’m Sorry” is of tremendous value. I can see how hearing “I’m sorry”, can feel good, a step toward understanding. I actually agree, in the midst of apology, there’s opportunity to learn a lot about each other.I feel that both you and Jeff have a wide audience. That is powerful in many ways. Do you want to use this pivotal moment to continue to build the illusion that what we seek is outside of us? I invite you ;) to consider using your great minds and hearts to show that this longing – to be met by a man who is a god, to be apologized to and seen by the sacred masculine (and “calling in the one” – which no one has talked about here but fits quite well in this paradigm as I see it) – is a doorway (and a beautiful one) to much, much more. To a love that has no limits, relief that has no opposite, homecoming that is endless.You’re absolutely right, I stepped into one of the oldest and most obvious traps in my last reply to Jeff – using duality to describe the non-dual. Can I say it like this? Beyond lists and apologies and “calling in the one” there is union. And, yes, lists and apologies and “calling in the one” can be incredibly useful as inspiration and in pointing the way. And, though they are important and valuable and worthwhile, are they really what we are searching for, really? You and Jeff have started a revolution. You have me by your side. Let’s take this thing all the way home. Dawn

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